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Enduring Powers of Attorney


An Enduring Power of Attorney is a document which allows you to appoint an attorney to act on your behalf should you becomes mentally incapable. You can appoint an attorney to act in respect of your property and your personal care and welfare.  Maciaszek Brown Law are experts at drafting Enduring Powers of Attorney and we will ensure that you understand the powers you are granting to your attorney and when these powers take effect.

PPPR Applications


If your loved one becomes mentally incapacitated through illness or injury and does not have Deed of Enduring Power of Attorney in place, then before you are able to act on behalf of your loved one, you will need to make an application under the Protection of Personal Property Right Act to be appointed a welfare and or property manager.  Maciaszek Brown Law are experts in completing PPSR applications to the Family Court  and can advise you on the appropriate steps for your circumstances.

Rest Home Subsidies


For clients who may require long term rest home accommodation or hospital care we appreciate that it may be daunting to try and ascertain whether you may qualify for a Residential Care Subsidy through WINZ. At Maciaszek Brown Law we can help you assess whether you would be eligible and can assist you complete the necessary application. We can also assist clients who may not be eligible for a Residential Care Subsidy but who may be eligible for a Residential Care Loan.

Rest Homes and Occupation Rights Agreements


We appreciate what a big adjustment it is when moving from your own home into a rest home. You can trust us to take you through the Occupation Rights Agreement so that you understand the obligations that the rest home owes you and your obligations as a resident. You will also be fully informed of the costs involved and understand the ownership structure of your apartment, villa or unit as this can vastly different to the way you may have previously owned land.

The formation and administration of a family trust requires expert care and advice. Maciaszek Brown Law has the expertise to put in place the best plan possible for each client to cater to your specific needs and circumstances. We also assist you with a plan to manage the trust long-term.

At Maciaszek Brown Law you will have access to a team of highly experienced lawyers who are able to advise you on all aspects of the administration of your/the estate. We discuss with you the roles of the executors, the requirements of applying for Probate or Letters of Administration, preparing the application to the High Court, closing all accounts and arrange to distribute the estate in accordance with the Will.

A will is a very important document but it can be a difficult prospect. It is important that a will is always kept up to date an accurate to ensure your wishes are carried out. Effective planning for the future makes things easier for your family. Maciaszek Brown Law are experts at will drafting and can advise you on the appropriate will for your circumstances.

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