Jieun Choi LL.B

Jieun is a staff solicitor with the firm in the litigation team. She undertakes a variety of litigation work, with a focus on family law, including care of children, domestic violence and relationship property as well as employment and civil litigation.

Jieun has lived in Christchurch since 1987 and completed all her secondary and tertiary education in Christchurch. She graduated from the University of Canterbury in 2003 with Degrees in Law and Arts and was admitted to the Bar in 2003. She worked as a Solicitor for Community Law Canterbury before joining Geddes & Maciaszek in 2007.

Jieun understands, having three children of her own, that when children are involved in Court proceedings, it can be a very difficult and emotional time. She ensures that whatever the issue, that clients are guided through the process and endeavors to meet each individual client’s needs.

… jieun@macbrownlaw.co.nz

Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9.00am – 2.30pm.

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